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We Believe Using Ancient Holistic Sciences and Practices, Embracing them with Modern Quantum Sciences to make a better version of you.

“AIESP Empowering you with Energetics”


AIESP educates and trains, people from all backgrounds, healers, alternative practitioners, sports therapists, even medical doctors,  and those who are just curious to learn holistic energetic practices.  We teach a vast array of holistic methods from the ancient Indian,  Chinese, Middle East, Quantum Mechanics, Bio feedback Devices such as RITM OKB SCENAR and West that work with the body on all levels, to bring it back to balance, “physis”.

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States healing arises from the natural adaptive powers within our human body through physisa role of the therapist is I believe the same. “Not a ruler or violator of nature…. but stands ready to aid the healing power that is inherent.”

Mila Godwill BSc (Hons) AJP Dip Sp GD founder and trainer left her job in pursuit for an answer to help her grandfather, who suffered from cerebral palsy by a stroke.   Not understanding or wanting to believe there was no “cure” and why should her grandfather have to live the rest of his life disabled, she thus began her quest in search for a cure. from love for her grandfather;  the mission to see him well again began, helping others along the way. 

In 2003 during training with medical doctors and accelerating her learning of eastern modalities finally she felt she could help him.  On that very night when she received her certificate the phone rang, with a news that he had just passed away. 

Since then Mila continues to gather information from the all corners of the world and passes on the wealth of wisdom to whom she encounters. She has lectured London UK, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, UAE, other parts of the world.  Her wealth of experience includes helping war victims children’s and families on a voluntary basis during 2007.  Her childhood helped her understanding the bodies electrical system as her uncle phd in physics would teach her electronics from age of seven and her father with a degree in color chemistry, researcher left his job into into finance helped fund her training.

in 2011-2012 she  graduated from Gemological Institute of America as an Accredited Jewelry professional, diamond grader, where she use the science of crystal color in her jewelry design and sales and recomendation.

She believes the the fundamental basis that each treatment is individual because there is no one like you. We must therefore learn how to treat the “core symptom, using, weather it is physiological, emotional, nutritional, electrical, energetic etc. to help the individuals physis”.  Some of the modalities used are principles of 5 elements, kinesiology, chakras, vedic, nadi’s sciences, spiritual emotional decoding, accupoints, shu jok, mu shu points, neural organisation techniques by Dr Karl Ferrari, LEAP developed by Dr Charles T Krebs, SCENAR RITM OKB trained by Dr Irina Ershova, Dr Boris Kulizhskiy, Dr Jorg are some of the modalities that are used.

We have the pleasure to teach this wealth of wisdom to you through our live training. 

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So what do you want to do better? Is it something physical? Get rid of aches, pains and fatigue, aid Beauty Therapy? Or excel in performance of some type of sporting, academic or artistic? Perhaps it might be better business performance, or easier personal relationships? Whatever it is, it is bound to be affected by your stress levels.

A systems level approach on a holistic basis, and takes into account not only the physical, but simultaneously the biochemical and subtle energy aspects of our being. It an therefore integrate all aspects of life and improve our development in all areas. Amazing! Incredible! I can hardly believe it, … are the common remarks we hear from new clients.

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At AIESP, we believe in Creating Powerful Health by sourcing the highest certified training and products for practitioners to use in Kinesiology and other holistic practices. We understand that the closer you stick to healing the natural energy cycles of the body, the more powerful and positive your body will respond to well being.
All our products are sourced from manufactures or certified distributors.  We undergo extensive training, every time, ensuring a positive effect. We never take short cuts or look at the bottom line. The only thing that concerns us in how we can make deliver better, and more effective products training to services.  Even though our products are provided to practitioners to whom we have asscoiation with we welcome anyone wishing to learn.

With over 20 years of international training,  in Kinesiology, SCENAR and other holistic practices we believe and endeavor to give the best and most upto date knowledge in the field.  Serving to help you be better self manage your well being.

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Dr Charles T Krebs
Founder of LEAP

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

” I’m very impressed with the performance of the AkuRy Chip,
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them to others!”

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